The Official Guide to the Internet

The Internet is wonderful, isn’t it?

We should all appreciate the internet we have today.

Can there be a guide to the internet for everyone or is it simply so immense, complex and omnipresent.

Enjoy the ‘Offical Guide to the Internet’.

Lets Get Started

Hi this is Trevor.

This website is a passion of mine as I love to surf the internet and this blog gives me an opportunity to share what I find.  Hopefully, you will learn as I learn and we can have a conversation about the wild and crazy world of the internet.

I like to explore off the beaten path of the Internet so many of the sources you may not have heard of, but that is a good thing right/

Some of what I blog about will be funny, but my primary goal is to be useful providing information you may know about or easily discover.

I spend way too much time surfing online but hopefully, you will benefit.

Fair warning I may from time to time, I may post an affiliate link to help pay my bandwidth charges.